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Book CoverRoesch, S. (2009) The Experiences of Film Location Tourists. Channel View Publications: London.

With a foreword by Academy Award® Winner Sir Richard Taylor

Format: soft- or hard cover – 272 pages
ISBN: 9781845411206
Published on 16 December 2009
Publisher: Channel View Publications, London
Link for ordering the book directly at Channel View Publications

Within the last decade film-induced tourism has gained increasing attention from academics and the industry alike. While most research has focused on the tourism-inducing effects of film productions, not much has been written about the film location tourists themselves. This book examines the on-site experiences of these tourists by drawing from various disciplines, including geography, sociology and psychology. The author accompanied tourists to film locations from The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and The Sound of Music and conducted extensive on-site research with them. The results show that only by understanding the needs and wants of film location tourists can film be utilised as a successful and sustainable instrument within strategic destination marketing portfolios.