Film Consulting

Tourism-focused Script Analyses

A tourism-focused script analysis evaluates how the portrayed locations are tied into the film’s storyline. The intensity of integration determines the tourism potential of the film or TV series. The conduction of such an analysis provides necessary insights when planning a future marketing campaign around the film production.

Location Scouting

How do we imbue the film locations with an authentic and unique character? After years of research in this area, I have come to the conclusion that films and TV series which showcase special locations are often successful both at the box office as well as in terms of film tourism.

For that reason, my approach to location scouting is not just focused on production demands but also incorporates an analysis of region-specific place attributes.

Consultation on Image Film Production

In my opinion, the use of moving images in tourism promotion has only one purpose: to provoke emotion.

Any successful image film should be based on a clearly structured storyline. The audience has to be able to identify with the portrayed characters and/or locations. Therefore, the most important step in the process is the script writing phase.

I help tourism stakeholders to supervise the complete production process. This ensures that the finished product tells an emotional story similar to any fictional film. Other services I offer during the process include script doctoring, location scouting and co-producing.