Film Tourism Consulting

Establishment of Film-Focused Management and Communication Structures

I support DMO’s and film commissions to establish the management and communication structures necessary in order to professionally map out film tourism campaigns.

Film-focused Market Potential Analyses

At the core of a film-focused market potential analysis is the assessment of the film script. I refer to a very specific catalogue of success indicators which I have carefully developed and applied on several occasions over the past ten years. The film and tourism target groups are examined in terms of any existing compatibilities.

Filmic Place Branding and Place Marketing

Filmic place branding and place marketing have a number of advantages over conventional destination marketing. Fictional film productions tell universal stories which are highly emotional and have a wide reach. Destination marketing via film and TV is not perceived as promotion (below-the-line-advertising) and the advertising value equivalency (AVE) in film tourism commonly reaches a relation of 1:1o or higher.

Creation and Implementation of Film Tourism Products

There are a number of elements essential to any professional and sustainable film tourism product. This not only includes film location tours but also alternative film tourism products, such as themed hotel packages, film-related exhibitions, film museums, events or travel packages.

Market Research with Film-induced Tourists (qualitative and quantitative)

It has been widely accepted that film locations contribute to the pull factor of a destination but they are not the only decisive factor for a travel decision. Determining the actual influence of film and TV on peoples’ travel behaviour is difficult. It can be hard for participants of a film location tour to articulate the influence of the underlying film production on their destination selection. I advise a combination of different data collection methods, such as complementing surveys with qualitative interviews.

Evaluation of Location Placement Values (LPVs)

LPV assessment is a complex process. It is necessary to conduct a live-assessment of the effect of the involved locations on the audience and the subsequent LPV calculation requires extensive desk research in order to identify viewing numbers and product placement values.