Tourism Consulting

 Brand Core Analyses

A brand core analysis consists of a multi-level evaluation process which takes both the point of view of the client’s employees as well as that of the external fans of the brand into consideration. Data is collected qualitatively and quantitatively (surveys with the client’s employees, surveys with external fans, workshops, qualitative in-depth interviews, web mining). For some of the data collection, I outsource to external partners, in particular market research companies.

SWOT Analyses

The data collection for a SWOT analysis is conducted through a number of moderated workshops with the aim of reaching a common consensus. In my experience, going through the process of a SWOT analysis generates new marketing ideas and approaches.

Customer Flow Analyses

In tourism, the evaluation of customer flows is particularly useful for tourist attractions. The results can help to assess the consecutive order, frequency and duration of consumption of the various points of interest (POIs) providing clear recommendations on how to improve both the attraction layout as well as the individual attractions.

Market Potential Analyses and Feasibility Studies

The data collection for a market potential analysis comprises a wide range of different methods, depending on the type of product and the depth and scope of the analysis. In my experience, the combination of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods provides the best data quality.

Preparation of Marketing Strategies

The implementation of a marketing plan is reliant on a balanced marketing mix which takes into consideration product, price, communication and distribution. In the tourism industry in particular, communication plays a decisive role in the marketing process: tourism products sell highly complex, intrinsic experiences rather than basic product values. Using storytelling methods derived from film are an appropriate means to address this challenge in a creative way.

Product Development

I have designed a significant number of products for destination marketing organisations, tour operators and tourist attractions. What has become clear to me is the fact that many tourism products lack an emotional storyline. Yet, it is often the story elements that significantly enhance the emotional value of a tourism product.

Event Planning and Management

Every event requires an underlying story in order to be successful. I can help you create a script, on the basis of which to plan and implement your event. In addition, I can also support you with the management of the event itself.

Product Testing

Central to the performance monitoring of tourism products are product tests which should be conducted either by professional experts or trained first-time customers. Such tests can be performed overtly or covertly. It is also possible for the client to be present during the tests.

I offer a basic test which is based on a number of evaluation aspects: the quality of the value proposition, the emotional value of the product, the quality of the storyline, the quality of service and value for money.

Storytelling Methods

When developing stories for tourism products, I utilise a storytelling method which the film industry has been using for many decades. I also offer a three-hour storytelling workshop which gives a concise overview of how to implement storytelling into tourism promotion and product development.